What is it?

art4you is a scholarship program created by Alexa and Jake, two middle school students who wanted to support youth in accessing the arts. As a part of their faith, Alexa and Jake created a gift to the community they called art4you from the generous gifts received from their shared b’nai mitzvah. Jake was already volunteering as a reading buddy in the Regent Park area, so it was a natural fit for Jake and Alexa to continue their quest with the students of Nelson Mandela School.

Currently there are ten students enrolled in the art4you program. art4you works in partnership with other arts organization (Arts Access, Avenue Road Art School, CCDT) to create opportunities for the art4you students to attend classes in their neighbourhood or in other established arts programs. art4you provides mentorship opportunities for the students, and facilitates transportation for them to attend the arts class of their choice. The students have availed themselves of workshops and classes in the visual, media, and performing arts.

Over the last three years, art4you has supported students in attending classes in drawing, painting, claymaking, animation, comic book studies, ballet, architecture, and dramatic writing. art4you has also provided art supplies for students as needed, and has facilitated workshops in grant applications, interview technique, and has produced showcases of the students’ work. The school teachers of the art4you students have commented that this program has deeply affected a number of lives for the better. We at art4you are honoured to work with these talented students, and hope to support their goals for many years to come.